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Two sisters

planned a long anticipated family vacation

 …with their husbands and children to visit a number of theme parks. One of the sisters, a professional artist, offered to design tags for her two children and two nieces to wear in case any of them became lost or separated from the group, that it would help them be quickly and safely returned.

Since almost everyone these days has a cell phone or a contact number, she thought it would be a better option for phone numbers to be written on the tag so that if the child became lost, the person who found them could call any of the phone numbers, versus taking the child to a lost and found somewhere. We realized what happens when a child becomes lost…..usually the child is found by a stranger and then taken by the stranger to a lost and found. Since we teach our children to never go with strangers, and being lost shouldn’t be an exception, what a better way to protect your child!

Our mission is to help protect your child or loved one by allowing them to be quickly and safely returned IF LOST. A variety of simple and affordable safety items are offered through our product line: IF LOST Stickers, IF LOST Tags, IF LOST T-Shirts, and IF LOST Dog Shirts. Yes, due to the number of customer requests from dog lovers, our product line has expanded to include IF LOST Dog Shirts for small and medium size dogs. So…not only do we offer safety items that protect your child or loved one, they can protect your dog, too!

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