About Us

While in Disneyland for the week-long family vacation, an array of caring parents, grandparents, Disneyland staff, and even police approached the family to say “What a great idea to protect your child!”  They also asked where they could get a tag like it.  The family was also approached by a woman who expressed that not only could the tag protect a child, it could protect her parent who suffers from Alzheimer’s and frequently wanders off.  The light bulb came on…….and the IF LOST Tag was born.

To protect your child or loved one, IF LOST Tags recommends:

  • For safety reasons, only phone numbers (no names or addresses) are written on the items, and
  • For visibility reasons, the safety item is attached to the back side of the person’s shirt or jacket as this prevents children, in particular, from playing with or removing the item.

All of these safety products are designed so the IF LOST Tag is displayed on the back.  We believe our products serve a number of needs.  They are used to protect your child, elderly friends and family members, mentally or physically disabled persons, those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia, dogs, and precious others at public outings or events – such as amusement parks, beaches, fairs, carnivals, recreational activities, sporting events, while traveling or vacationing, or just going about daily life.  The IF LOST Stickers have been popular among law enforcement officials to hand out to protect your child or loved one at large public events (such as fairs or carnivals) and for schools to hand out during field trips.

Since we started this business, we have met only a few people (out of the hundreds, if not thousands we have talked to) that have not yet experienced the fear and panic of losing their child or loved one to some degree.  In other words, almost all of us have been through it!  There is nothing better in this business than to know how the IF LOST safety items have protected those you love, and to hear your success stories.

The IF LOST safety items enhance public safety and public relations.  We hope that you will consider using the IF LOST Tags, Stickers, Shirts, or Dog Shirts to protect your child, loved one, or your community.  Please call or email us today and let us know how we can serve your needs!