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  • web-stickerWe welcome businesses and organizations to partner with us to promote your company with the IF LOST Sticker.
  • Sponsoring the IF LOST Sticker is the most economical option for businesses to sponsor out of the entire IF LOST products.
  • Sponsoring the IF LOST Sticker is a great public relations strategy for businesses.  It shows businesses care about child safety and family togetherness.  Businesses can sponsor the IF LOST Sticker for community events, fairs, carnivals, sporting events, theme parks, tradeshows, churches, schools, residential facilities, and more!
  • The IF LOST Sticker is recommended for short-term use for children, elderly, mentally or physically disabled, and precious others to wear at public outings and events.  The IF LOST Sticker comes with three standard contact persons (CALL MY GUARDIAN, CALL MY FAMILY, CALL MY FRIEND).  For safety reasons, the customer writes only phone numbers (no names or addresses) on the sticker.  The adhesive side of the sticker is attached to the back side of shirt or jacket.  Sticker is approximately 3″ x 3″.  (Sticker is to be removed prior to washing clothing.  Avoid using sticker on any sensitive clothing such as: leather,  suede, fleece, etc)
  • IF LOST Stickers available in 500 stickers per roll.
  • *Send artwork in Illustrator (.ai), Vector, or Writeable PDF

*Quote based on # of colors in artwork and quantity ordered.

*Minimum order required

*Allow additional 3-6 weeks for Corporate IF LOST Stickers

  • Example provided below of a business sponsored IF LOST Sticker.  This describes where the name of the company and logo can be placed on the IF LOST Sticker.

IF LOST Tags for Businesses

Businesses receive our corporate discount!

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