Business T-Shirts

  • web-girlsWith the Corporate IF LOST T-Shirt, your business name and/or logo is custom printed across the front of the T-Shirt or across the top of the IF LOST Tag on the back side of the T-Shirt, or both.
  • This is a great public relations tool used by businesses and public service organizations to reach a broad public at fairs, carnivals, sporting events, theme parks, tradeshows, churches, schools, residential facilities, and more!
  • The IF LOST T-Shirt comes with three standard contact persons already custom printed on the back of the shirt (CALL MY GUARDIAN, CALL MY FAMILY, CALL MY FRIEND).  For safety reasons, the customer writes only phone numbers (no names or addresses) onto the line below each contact person.  For best results, we recommend customers write phone numbers on the T-Shirt with a permanent fabric pen.  The T-Shirt may be washed and is reusable.
  • *Send artwork in Illustrator (.ai), Vector, or Writeable PDF


*Quote based on # of colors in artwork, quantity ordered, and whether organization prefers their business name and logo printed on the front side of the T-Shirt across the chest, on the back side of the T-Shirt above the IF LOST design, or both.

*Minimum order required

*Organization may choose the color of T-Shirt (prices may vary)

*Allow additional 3-6 weeks for Corporate IF LOST T-Shirts


Example provided below of where the name of the company and logo can be placed on the back of the IF LOST T-Shirt.  Organization may also choose to have business name and logo printed across the chest on the front of the IF LOST T-Shirt.


Businesses receive our corporate discount!

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