1) All IF LOST products and their designs are strictly Copyright and Trademark protected.

2) IF LOST Tags, Stickers and Shirts are offered only as an added safety precaution.  Use of IF LOST Tags, Stickers, Shirts or our other products or services are not a guarantee for protection.

3) For safety reasons, we recommend customers DO NOT write anybody’s name or address on IF LOST Tags, Stickers or Shirts.

4) We recommend IF LOST products be displayed on the back as we believe this increases visibility and decreases the chances a child will remove the product from himself/herself.

5) Please be cautious when utilizing safety pins with the IF LOST Tag.  Please attach safety pins with extra care and verify safety pins are fully closed to avoid any injury.  Safety pin may cause a hole in clothing.

6) Avoid attaching IF LOST Sticker or IF LOST Tag to any sensitive clothing, including but not limited to leather, suede, fleece, etc.  IF LOST Sticker is recommended only for day use or less.  IF LOST Sticker may leave adhesive residue behind on sensitive clothing materials, or when the Sticker has been left on the clothing for a long period of time.

7) Avoid moisture when using the IF LOST Sticker.  Be sure to remove IF LOST Sticker from clothing prior to washing or exposing Sticker to any amount of water.  IF LOST Sticker may leave adhesive residue behind on clothing if sweat or water has penetrated the clothing or sticker.

8) To avoid damage, use only a fabric pen when writing phone numbers on the IF LOST T-Shirt and/or the IF LOST Dog Shirt.

9) The customer is encouraged to select a product that will best fit his/her needs.  The customer acknowledges that he/she is not relying on IF LOST Tags judgment to select which product or service would be most appropriate for his/her needs.

10) IF LOST Tags shall not be responsible for any theft, damage, loss, injury or harm caused as a result of use or misuse of the IF LOST Tags, Stickers, Shirts or any of our other products or services.  Our products are recommended to be used as an additional safety precaution to assist in the return of a lost loved one.  They do not guarantee protection.

11) IF LOST Tags does not rent out our mailing lists to any other businesses nor divulge any customer information to anyone without the customer’s permission.  We understand your need for privacy and will respect it.