“We are pleased to be able to provide a tool that reduces the anxieties of parents and even more pleased to learn how successful they are. I have seen the fear when parents have come to me and told me that they can’t find their child.  It is very gratifying to know that now, with the use of the If Lost products, this time of separation and fear will be reduced.”
Gary Decker, Administrative Lieutenant
Deschutes County Sheriffs Office

“When we visited Disneyland in October, we had IF LOST Tags pinned to the backs of both of our daughters’ shirts. We hardly went through a line where those nearby didn’t ask us where to get them and commented on what an excellent idea they were.  While we were thankful that we did not need to use them, they gave us a sense of security that should we get separated, our daughters had the information to get returned to us quickly and safely.  Everyone should have these for their children!”
Amy Dent Beebe

“At the Deschutes County Fair my 2-year old granddaughter became separated from her parents.  The person who found her saw she was wearing an IF LOST Sticker on her back and called the cell number written on it.  My daughter-in-law was in a place where she couldn’t hear her phone ringing, so the person tried over and over, but they got her back. We are so grateful. This incident made us realize how simple and worthwhile these safety items are, plus having the ability to write 3 different phone numbers on them is helpful in situations like this. Thank you!

Grandparent (Oregon)

“What an ingenious, inexpensive tool!  Especially when you consider the resources expended to find a missing child or senior citizen.”
Chief Tom Adams
Madras Police Department

“IF LOST Tags are so convenient! They gave my family a piece of mind on vacation this year. I decided to put a sticker on my 8 yr. old son even though he was learning our cell phone #’s. He ended up being lost for 2 minutes.  Within that time he had his sticker ripped off his back and handed it to an adult and asked them to please call one of the numbers listed. He found his uncle right after, but it helped everyone feel confidant and follow a plan of action when you are scared!! Thanks again!!”
Tara Davis

“Now that my daughter is 2 1/2 years old, we are doing more activities in public places that are crowded and have many children around.  There is a higher chance of her being distracted and getting lost.  As a mom I feel that having your child wear the IF LOST Tag is just one more way to protect your child.  I loved this idea because most people have cell phones and can be contacted immediately in case of emergency.  It is a crazy world and, you can never be too careful.”
Erin Miller

Writer for “Horsefly”

“We sure wish we would have had the IF LOST Stickers during our Miner’s Jubilee event in BakerCity.  We had 3 lost children!  We were kicking ourselves that we did not have the stickers available for our families.  We do now!”
Darlene Scheler, Prevention Coordinator
Baker County Prevention & Education Center
New Directions Northwest, Inc.

“I am happy to share a success story with you about the IF LOST Sticker.  I was attending a carnival with my family when I noticed a lost little boy standing near the main entrance crying for his mom.  I saw that he was wearing an IF LOST Sticker on his back.  I called the number on it, which was his mother’s cell phone, and she returned to get him.  It felt good that I was able to help the little boy, and that he was able to get back to his mom so fast.”
Melinda Turek

“Great for amusement parks and so forth.  Has many uses and great for safety.”
Mark Belliveau, Field Training Officer
Knox County Sheriffs Office – Texas

“As a child welfare professional, I think this is a great idea to help ensure children don’t get lost or separated from their parents.   I think it also sends a message to others that parents of children wearing these tags are serious about their children’s safety while at the same time protecting the child’s privacy.”
Roy Jackson, Child Welfare Supervisor
Oregon Department of Human Services, Child Welfare – Madras

“As a mother of a disabled child, the If Lost products offer much peace of mind.  Not just for me, but for the rest of the family.  As one of the first people to buy the If Lost T-Shirt, I was so happy with it!  Since my child cannot speak, she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone my name or how to contact me, so the T-Shirt (in addition to the other products) are a safeguard and serve a great purpose.”
John & Trudy Chavez

“It is difficult in this day and age to find a compromise between having enough information to return a lost child vs. too much information about the child.  Your tags and shirts offer a good middle ground.  They will save time for public safety staff and relieve some anxiety for the parents.”
Steve Esselstyn, Community Liaison
Bend Police Department

“What a wonderful idea to help keep children safe!  It is a joy to do business with IF LOST Tags and a pleasure to carry their products in our store.”
Debi, Madras Outpost
Retail Business

“We recently put the “IF LOST Tags” on our two kids while vacationing in Disneyland.  While there, the park met its capacity with 80,000 people!  With that many people around, we felt the Tags gave us an added sense of security.  We were comforted knowing that someone could contact us quickly and easily if our children became separated from us.  They are a must have!”
Jeff & Erika Frickey

“The security and safety of my family and especially our children have always been on the top of my wife’s and my priority list.  As a career Navy SEAL in service to maintain the safety and security of this great nation, I learned how to select tactics, equipment and personnel that increased mission success.  When I first learned of “IF LOST” Tags… I thought “now that is a piece of equipment/strategy that every family should have in their war bag… and use.”  Accordingly, I MOST STRONGLY recommend that your child be identified with an “IF LOST” Tag when in public places.  Protect your child now!”
Commander Al Morris

US Navy, SEAL, (Ret)
Former Director of Training, Naval Special Warfare Training Center

“Good product.  A great thing for police to hand out at fairs and other special events.”
Sgt. Steve Webb
Madras Police Department

“After doing daycare for 25 years, I just can’t believe something like this wasn’t around long ago.  I experienced the horror of losing my son when he was three.  Luckily a woman took him to the police department, but those hours were excruciating to me.  I believe my son could have been returned sooner if the “If Lost Tags” existed back then.  These tags are a great idea, inexpensive, easy to use, and make all the difference in a lost child getting returned quickly and safely.  Every parent should protect their kids with IF LOST Tags!”
Carolyn Puckett

Child Care Provider
25 years

“Thousands of children are reported missing every year in the U.S. Any parent, who has experienced the sudden fear and panic of losing the sight of their child for only a few seconds, will quickly see the value of “IF LOST” Tags, especially if those seconds turn into minutes or hours.  This simple, inexpensive, and effective device will help expedite the safe return of your loved one…when seconds count.”
Robert L. Dent
Oregon State Police – Senior Trooper (Ret)
Author and Public Safety Trainer

“As a family, we enjoy attending professional sporting events and traveling to new places in and out of the country.  Considering large crowds are almost always present, and because our young kids wouldn’t necessarily know our phone numbers, we found IF LOST Tags to be a huge benefit to us!”
Kevin & Becky Stovall